What people are saying

Penny Price and Lily

Thank you so much for seeing Lily, I thoroughly enjoyed seeing you at work with your gentle approach, expert massage and sensitivity.  

I wasn't quite sure how Lily would react bearing in mind her dominated, opinionated and mareish attitude to life and me!  The evidence shows just how much she relaxed and responded to your TLC.

Since then Lily has been so much more relaxed and amenable, any tension has disappeared!  She is off her sassy mare supplement and has a softer eye. Most impressed, thank you!


Victoria Johnson and Denis

Cath has seen my ex-racer, Denis, now a few times and he loves her visits!  I have not had him that long and have found he can be quite tense at times.

Cath did a full assessment before starting the massage.  Once finished he was much more relaxed!!  He's been out of work for about 18 months so there was a lot of building up to do.  Cath set me an exercise plan and we've been working through it and adapting it after each visit.  I've seen a noticeable difference when riding him which I'm thrilled with!

Cath obviously loves her job and horses, and this shows when she's working with Denis as he gets lots of kisses too. 


Heather Crofts and Barnaby

Cath had started seeing Barnaby when I was loaning him. I was unaware he had received his first treatment, however, noticed a big difference when I rode him a couple of days later.

I shortly after purchased Barnaby and have continued with the plan. The exercises Cath writes are practical and easy to fit into our routine.

Its lovely to have her out regularly to see the work is paying off.  He is learning to relax, engage his back end and encourage that forward movement.  Thanks Cath!