Sports and Rehabilitation Massage is a treatment suitable for all horses and including it into your regular care plan can improve the health and function of not only your horses body, by helping them grow and change throughout their life, but their emotional and psychological health, how they handle stress, and their connection to self and others.

All treatments pay particular attention to underdeveloped or overdeveloped muscles, asymmetries, areas of tension and your horses body language and behaviour throughout the whole treatment, and how it changes over time.

Combining massage and an easy-to-follow personalised exercise plan, that fits into your life, will restore your horses balance, flexibility and improve their proprioception (awareness of position).

Ridden Horse Massage £50 per horse

Suited for horses ridden occasionally for enjoyment, horses returning to work following time off to those who are frequently ridden and following a training plan for competitions.

Each session will include a full moving assessment of your horse and discussion with you about their weaknesses and your history.  How do you feel in the saddle? Do you have any weaknesses? How much time do you have for an exercise plan? 

Massages can last from 60-90 minutes and will be carried out where your horse feels at their most comfortable.  Following a treatment you can expect your horse to feel more relaxed and flexible. Over time of having regular maintenance massages your horses posture will start to improve, asymmetries will be corrected, and balance, co-ordination and proprioception will improve all leading to a more confident and relaxed horse.

Non-Ridden Horse Massage £40 per horse (Not available for ridden horses temporarily out of work)

Maintenance treatments for retired horses (old or young due to injury), companions, young horses, and therapy ponies, they all benefit from having frequent checks and treatments to correct any compensations, asymmetries or muscle atrophy early on. 

Treatments will last between 60-90 minutes and carried out where your horse feels at their most comfortable. You can expect your horse to feel relaxed following a massage and over time may see long lasting effects on their behaviour.

Assessments will be made and prescribed exercises, static and moving, given to do in between each treatment.  These will help your horse to improve their posture and keep their musculoskeletal system healthier for longer, preventing injury and giving them confidence when moving about their environment.

Exercise Plan Package £15 (per month per horse)

To give you structure to your training, the Exercise Plan Package will include a ‘Weekly Focus’ exercise or area to concentrate on.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by the number of exercises included in the plan from your Treatment, we can work out together what can be included into your life and facilities.  For example some exercises can be included into your daily routine or set up around the yard, minimising time spent setting up poles etc. Regular calls or WhatsApp chats for updates, changes and videos will be included.

Epiony Heat Pad Package £20 per horse (Travel fees may be incurred)

A 30 minute treatment for horses that are unable to have massage due to medical conditions or have long term chronic pain, the Heat Pad package is ideal if you want your horse to feel more relaxed and get some temporary relief from pain.

Treatment includes heat pad application and a gentle head massage.

The versatility of the heat pad means it can be used anywhere on the horse and can alleviate backpain and aid arthritic joints such as hocks. Heat Therapy dilates the blood vessels of the muscles which increases the flow of oxygen and nutrients, helping to heal damaged tissue.